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Glory to God !

Welcome to "ch ur Ch."

This ch ur Ch is an organizational structure enabling the true church, the faithful in Christ Jesus, to perform ministry works to many people to bring glory to God and to the name of Jesus Christ. To this end an event which will draw crowds of unsaved people is scheduled for production, the "Family Faire Event Experience." Thank you for your time and attention as you peruse this site and consider supporting the Family Faire.

I , Ffree Brubaker, am the author of this text. However, as far as the plan itself, I consider myself more of a scribe, than author. I thoroughly believe this is inspired by God, and therefore, is His will.

The functions of ch ur CH are Outreach, Upreach and Inreach; Outreach to the unsaved, Upreach to God, and Inreach to the church body. The Family Faire Event Experience, Family Faire for short, is a method to employ those.

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The Family Faire Event Experience

What Is It?
Family Faire is a free-to-the-public event produced through gifts of love and actions of love to show love to people. "A Day of Love" is the theme of the Family Faire free event. The goal is to show God's love through acts of kindness and good works.

What Will We Do?
Family Faire Features:

Live Entertainment - local talent playing musics.
Pageantry and Presentations - a 'Royal Priesthood' theme and talent, variety and fashion shows.
Interactive Spectacle - art project(s) performed live on site with volunteers and guests contributing.
Food and Refreshments - free food and drinks.
Games and Activities - a variety of free games and activities.
Contests and Prizes - free gifts to reward participation.
Ffreebies and Giveaways - free gifts to attendees.
Performing God's will;
- Helping people with acts of kindness.
- Evangelism to non-Born-Again people.
- Worship to God through word and deed.
- Prayer Warfare to succeed.
- Discipleship of Christians.
- Fellowship of Believers.

How Will We Do It?
Volunteerism and Sponsorship
Volunteers use experience, expertise, ability,
and provisions given by Sponsors to perform.
all the tasks needed to produce successful results.

Why Do It?
To bless God, people, and God's people
through the unified efforts of His body.

Where Will We Do It?
Azagra Christ Temple
Tanjay, Negros Oriental, Visayas, Philippines.

When Will We Do It?
(Most Support Required by 04/15/17)
Tanjay church anniversary
Friday evening May 5, 2017
Family Faire evening presentation
Saturday day May 6, 2017
Family Faire main event.

Who Will Do It?
The Family Faire Event Experience
is produced by
me and you as Supporters through
Volunteerism and/or Sponsorship.

A great church location, surrounded by many lost souls
and many ready, willing, and able
Volunteers are eagerly awaiting
God's provision

Who will be the emissary of God ?

Join a team where your gifts can be applied.
Prayer team, Worship team, Helps team,
Evangel team, Discipleship team, Fellowship team.

Follow your calling.

Who Will Be Blessed By It?
Supporters and Attendees.
10,000 Attendees are expected to be blessed.
The expectation is for many to join God's Kingdom
and for Those to be baptised in Water and the Holy Spirit
and for healings and miracles to come
from our precious Lord
Supporters will be blessed by God.

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